Building a Ruby on Rails (ROR) Web Application

I am currently in the process of building a Rails app from scratch. I am a self taught hobby developer.

I was hand coding HTML in 1992 at the U of S.At the peak of the .COM boom I built and launched a PHP based surplus oilfield equipment website.

I don’t recall when but I stumbled on Rails but I never looked back.

I was heavy into building a new app a few years ago but after a life detour I had to take a pause.

Fast forward to today. Version 4 to 6 and tons has changed.

For this new venture I am using the following:

  • DigitalOcean (NGINX, Passenger, PostgeSQL, Spaces, and DNS)
  • (managing your DevOps and deployment)
  • GitHub (version control)
  • Jumpstart (rapid development of a minimal functioning app)
  • Sendgrid (transactional email)
  • (error monitoring)

I am using this blog for two reasons – document what I learned while I build this and help anyone else in the same boat as me. I find while most of the tutorials are awesome and invaluable for learning these topics they often make assumptions about your skill level and leave out key steps that can leave you struggling for hours / days until you find the simple error / step / detail that you missed.

World Trade Center

When I was scanning in my Dad’s 2,000+ slide collection I came a cross some some great photos this being one of the best (except for the people’s heads in the way).

World Trade Center vintage 70's

On the same Y’s Men’s trip in the 70’s my Dad (with hair and the mutton chops and all) got the obligatory cockpit photo back in th day when anyone could wander up and visit the cockpit. I also have some shots of them all chain smoking on the plane as well but those just make me ill thinking about it.

Dad in the cockpit

Johnny Carson, 1925-2005

This is a great quote which sums it up:

With Carson’s passing, an entire generation of young adults have suddenly become Old. There’s an entire generation behind us that never saw “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” We will try — with embarrassing and dithering enthusiasm — to explain to them what it was like and we’ll fail. Completely. No doubt part of that’s because our childhoods are so deeply infused with memories of Carson and his show. The first time my parents and I were in the same room laughing at the same thing, we were watching The Tonight Show. That’s some powerful mojo, and it’s a memory shared by nearly everybody born before 1980.

This is quoted from Andy Ihnatko.

I remember many a night that I would sneak out of my room to the top of the basement stairs where I could manage to peak through the door to watch Carson well past my bedtime.