Building a Ruby on Rails (ROR) Web Application

I am currently in the process of building a Rails app from scratch. I am a self taught hobby developer.

I was hand coding HTML in 1992 at the U of S.At the peak of the .COM boom I built and launched a PHP based surplus oilfield equipment website.

I don’t recall when but I stumbled on Rails but I never looked back.

I was heavy into building a new app a few years ago but after a life detour I had to take a pause.

Fast forward to today. Version 4 to 6 and tons has changed.

For this new venture I am using the following:

  • DigitalOcean (NGINX, Passenger, PostgeSQL, Spaces, and DNS)
  • (managing your DevOps and deployment)
  • GitHub (version control)
  • Jumpstart (rapid development of a minimal functioning app)
  • Sendgrid (transactional email)
  • (error monitoring)

I am using this blog for two reasons – document what I learned while I build this and help anyone else in the same boat as me. I find while most of the tutorials are awesome and invaluable for learning these topics they often make assumptions about your skill level and leave out key steps that can leave you struggling for hours / days until you find the simple error / step / detail that you missed.